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Before - Jed was very reluctant to go anywhere near the float.

As soon as any pressure went on he would go straight up in the air.

Float Training

Frustrated with missing shows or getting stuck at them because you can't get your horse on the float?  We can help!


We have an exceptional strike rate with getting even the most fractious and headstrong horses on and off the horse float, safely and with confidence, mostly within a single reasonably priced session. We are able to travel to you and teach your horse to confidently self load and also teach you how to load and unload your horse on your own, effectively and safely.


Good float loading is a very important skill every horse should be taught, not only when you want to take them somewhere, but when you have to take them somewhere, like in the case of a vet emergency or fire.

If your horse wont go into the float, usually the forward/send button is broken. If he tries to barge over the top of you, it's generally because he doesn't respect your space and you can't yield his shoulder away from you. If he locks his neck and runs off taking you grass skiing around the paddock or even gets away from you, it's often because he doesn't yield to a feel on the halter and you can't disengage the hindquarters. Finally if he goes in but then flies out backwards at the speed of light, often hitting his head on the roof in the process, it is usually because he either doesn't know how to back up correctly, or because he hasn't been taught to find comfort in a claustrophobic space.


Rather than forcing the horse on with bum ropes, winches, 6 big burly guys with with linked arms and gate panels (don't worry I've seen it all!), we need him to want to be in the float. Once you have developed a way of communicating with your horse, we can turn the float a comfort zone, so he will seek out the small space and be happy to stay in there.

After - Jed confidently self loading, relaxed and happy to stay in the float after a single session.

Believe it or not, most float loading issues are not about the float. It is usually due a lack of communication/confidence/respect (or all of the above!). A bad loader will generally try every evasion in the book to avoid getting in the dark, claustrophobic cave on wheels that transports them to an often stressful environment (and who can really blame them!)

Float Training is $200 per session. In most cases only the one session is needed to show you how to have your horse being able to confidently self load and unload. For more complex cases we can offer a pick up service (price according to location) and bring the horse to our facilities in Cardup for more intensive training ($75 per day inc ad lib hay). Contact Us to book today.


"I had Louise out to help my young thoroughbred gelding with floating. Jed was really unwilling to float nicely, and it became too stressful for both horse and handler. Louise came out with such a positive, and calm attitude - watching her work with Jed was really amazing. She kept her cool the entire time, and it was really lovely to watch her get the respect of him before asking him to do anything with the float. Her training and horsemanship skills were obvious as she spent a length of time with Jed - and he pulled out all the testers - rearing, carrying on like a pork chop, but Louise didn't skip a beat and kept calm with her training. She explained what she was doing, and why, which made me feel really included and part of the process.
By the end of the session, Jed was self loading at just a point of the float! I was invited to test the end result, as I was just over the moon with how easy and willing he had become. He went from having a sour, not wanting to be in the float attitude, to a wanting and willingness to be in the float. He was even trotting in! Amazing!!
Anyone who ever says their horse has float issues, I immediately suggest Louise. I never had an issue since with him.
Louise is lovely - when you meet her you can really see her horse womanship skills. I strongly recommend her!!"


Jessica Salloway

Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Ph: 0403 969 529

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