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It doesn't have to be that hard!! 

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Equine Education for BABIES... (and the young at heart)


Do you have a new foal or one on the way and need some guidance?

Maybe you have a cheeky youngster who's left you feeling a little overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone?

Have you recently acquired a 'young at heart' wild or unhandled older horse?

Or maybe you just want to give your young horse the best head start before they commence their ridden career.



Horses are large animals that are able to seriously hurt us (or worse!) but thankfully it's not really in their natures to do so. Most 'bad behaviours' are due to a lack of communication, confidence & respect between horse and handler.


We have gained experience from all over Western Australia in several disciplines and with many breeds. Having built up a tremendous reputation within the industry working with horses and ponies for some of the state's most reputable trainers, riders and breeders. We don't base our work on any specific 'method'. Preferring to keep an open, unbiased mind, knowing that one method is not necessarily going to work for every horse.


We provide extensive ground handling services such as:

  • Advanced on-line work

  • Leg restraint/hobble training

  • Liberty training

  • Mouthing and Re-Mouthing

  • Pre-Breaking

  • Parking to mount and Backing

  • Long Reining

  • Float training

  • Teaching horsemanship 

  • Ponying out and pack saddle training

  • Exploring trails/traffic inhand

  • Desensitising & Self Management Training

  • Obstacle/Agility Training

  • Trick Training

  • Handling the newborn foal

  • Handling/halter breaking the young horse

  • Handling the older untouched/wild horse

  • Respectful Leading

  • Teaching to solid tie

  • Picking up feet

  • Confidence entering water (jumps/puddles/beach)

We can also provide solutions for horses that are difficult to:


  • Worm

  • Rug

  • Inject

  • Saddle

  • Bridle

  • Clip

  • Wash

  • Trim/Shoe

  • Catch etc.


And horses that:


  • Are impatient when tied up

  • Can't stand still

  • Pull back when tied

  • Rush through gateways

  • Are hard to hose

  • Rear & pull away

  • Bite/nip

  • Are petrified of life

  • Scared of rugs

  • Kick

  • Strike

  • Barge

  • Trample

  • Drag you

  • Are head shy

  • Have bad manners at feed time and more...


We also offer assistance in:

  • Starting and re-educating the ridden horse (should you wish to do this yourself)

  • Retraining the Standardbred horse

  • Re-mouthing and teaching the One Rein Stop

  • Bitless & Bridleless Riding

  • Liberty/Free Riding

  • Free Jumping

  • Low level show jump coaching



Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


On site training in Cardup is $660 per week. This is inclusive of agistment, training and

ad lib quality hay. You are welcome to provide other feed/rugs for your horse/pony whilst it is in our care.


We can cater to colts/stallions and also to small ponies and mares and foals.


A pick up and drop off service is also available if you are unable to float your horse/pony.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other other questions or if you would like to book your horse in for some training.

Equine Education for BRATS...


Do you 'put up' with your horses so called bad behaviours because you think that's just the way it is?

Do you spend more time fighting with your horse than just enjoying being around them?

Does your horse walk all over you on the ground?

Are you afraid of your horse in certain situations?

Do you get stuck at or miss shows because you can't get your horse on the float?


Do you spend ages trying to catch your horse? Is your horse afraid of his own shadow?


Or maybe you're just bored doing the same old thing every day and looking for a challenge like liberty or trick training?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions we can help!

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