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We provide a prompt, patient and professional clipping service. Having clipped thousands of horses for many leading equestrian and racing stables we are very experienced with young and nervous horses. Louise is also licensed by the Western Australian Veterinary Surgeons Board to administer sedation if needed (directing vet Dr. Charlie Stewart).

We are available to clip all types of horses from miniature ponies to race horses. We also cater to horses with Cushing's disease that may require regular clipping all year round. We can travel to you or you can bring your horse to our facilities in Cardup.

The Blanket Clip is more radical than the trace clip. The hair on the neck and flanks is removed, leaving a blanket-shaped area of coat over the back and hindquarters which keeps the back and loins warmer in extreme conditions. As with the trace clip, the hair is left on the legs, affording them protection from underbrush when going across country. 

Before you think about clipping your horse you need to establish why you want to clip & ultimately what sort of clip you need to give your horse.


The Hunter Clip leaves hair only on the legs and the topside of the face, for the same reasons as with the blanket and trace clips. In addition, a patch of hair can be left in the saddle area if you would like. This clip is used on horses that are in heavy work in wet and muddy conditions. It makes it much easier to get them clean and dry quickly whilst leaving the legs warm and protected.


The Trace Clip gets its name from the fact that it follows the line of the traces of a harness. This clip was commonly used in carriage horses and is popular today in riding horses. The hair is removed from the underside of the neck and belly. A trace clip can be high or low - the difference being how far up the horse's flank that the hair is clipped. The hair is left on the head, the topside of the neck and body and also on the legs for warmth and protection.

The Full Clip in which all the coat is removed. This is used a lot in horses that compete in the winter months and would lose condition if they had to perform in all that thick winter hair. Also used a lot in show horses for aesthetic purposes.


Types of Clips

​Design your own Clip! If you have a special clip you would like on your horse, we are more than happy to cater.

​Stencilling! Want to stand out from the crowd? We can stencil anything onto your horse, let your imagination run wild!

Trace Clip  - $125.00
Blanket Clip - $125.00
Hunter Clip - $125.00
Full Clip - $150.00

Stencils - Basic shapes/initials are free! 

More complicated designs by negotiation.

Trim Up - $50.00

(Bridle/saddle path, tail, inside ears, whiskers, socks & feathers)


Sedation is available at an additional cost.

Alex Edwards on Lexyce Inheritance

Prices above are just a guide and subject to change. Please contact us for an exact quote on clipping as size of horse/pony and distance travelled may vary the price.


Please make sure your horse is clean and dry as a wet, dirty horse cannot be clipped.


Contact Us today if you would like to book your horse or pony in to be clipped.


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